Plastic Waste on Earth 

(Map shows the gyres of plastic waste currently on the planet)

Did you know that there is currently enough plastic waste in the ocean to cover the state of texas twice!! And that's just in the Pacific Ocean. The fish are eating the plastic and we are eating the fish, It affects every single one of us, so we decided to do something to change this. We created a clothing line made from 100% recycled materials. As college students we want to change the way the world sees waste. We all see the recycling bins but we don't ever really see where the waste goes. We want to show how waste can be given a new life and how it can be something we can even wear.

 Our Process 

 Our Mission 

It is our overall mission to change the way the world sees waste. We do this by giving plastic and other waste a new life. We have currently diverted over 5,000 plastic water bottles from either entering our oceans or sitting in landfills. With our design and engineering background we are finding new ways to reuse waste on a daily basis. 

-Pirüli Design